14 Jtrifcignhral-lpurttal. Wed., March 10. 1965 'Convenience' Area Draws Customers

SERVES NEIGHBORHOOD SHOP- PERS. Unit One of Northgate Shop­ ping Center now boasts 24 stores and business services for nearby resi­ dents. Four more will be added within the next few months. As

shown in this park-like outlet for the Northgate Baber Shop and North­ gate Shoe Repair, landscaping fol­ lows the same pattern of walkways, benches and fountains as in regional section unit two.

Law Enforcement the association’s North Bay « i i - . .Chapter 15. He was one of 12 Scholarship Duo ! nominated and considered by the Ian E. MacAuley of Kentfield, j chapter for the 1964 award, ft student at College of Marin, i Applications are open for the has been named to receive a , 1965 scholarship. Candidates $250 scholarship by the Interna- may be nominated by writing to tional Footprint Assn. to further j Harry Hetrick, chapter secre- his law enforcement studies. tary, at 646 Arthur Street, No- MacAuley was nominated by I vato.


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sound center

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244 Northgate Shopping Center e COMPUTE UNE OF SHOE REPAIRING & DYE WORK)


Move Is On To Preserve Redwoods

SACRAMENTO (*> - Legisla­ tion designed to preserve more of No r t h e r n California’s red­ woods was introduced yesterday by Sen. Fred S. Farr, D-Carmel. A resolution asked the presi­ dent, Congress and the secretary of the interior “to move swiftly” and establish a redwood national park in the state’s north coastal section. Another bill would require the State Highway Commission to present alternate r o u t e costs when considering a highway that would cut through state parks. Farr said the federal govern­ ment should move into the area to save the giant trees. A con­ troversy developed l a s t year during h i g h w a y commission hearings to build a highway through r e d w o o d country in Humboldt and Del Norte coun­ ties. The h i g h w a y commission, Farr declared, should be re­ quired by law to consult with the park commission whenever such a route is contemplated. In the case of a d e a d l o c k , he added, the governor should arbitrate.

More than half of the families in the projected Northgate trade area reported in an early survey that they would shop at the Northgate Shopping Center once it was opened. While the complete Draper Companies survey extended as for as Sonoma and Napa Coun­ ties where respondents were primarily interested in large stores not represented in their own area, a surprising number suggested such everyday busi­ nesses as food stores, bakeries, drugs, music and TV, shoe re­ pair, barbershop and restaurants as places they would be willing to patronize. It was with this in mind that the Northgate “convenience sec­ tion” was planned as the first shopping project. While such large stores as the Emporium, City of Paris and Roos-Atkins were still on the drawing boards, Unit One” brought neighbor­ hood shopping convenience to the thousands of new Marin resi­ dents who were moving into Terra Linda V a l l e y , Los Ranchitos and nearby areas. Starting with a Purity Store in a separate 20,000-square foot building as its first facility, Unit One gradually built up with a doughnut shop, barber shop, beauty salon, shoe repair shop, restaurant, camera store, bank, toy and hobby shop and many

other services. Recently an ice cream store was added, and a lunch room featuring s h o r t orders. Separated from the regional stores and maintaining its own extensive parking area, Unit One has benefited by the devel­ opment of its neighboring big brother—and more stores are soon to be added. But its sepa­ rate location has proved to be an advantage for residents in the area who feel they can make a quick trip for household needs without becoming involved with shoppers on major buying tours.

Civic Center Guides Plan Is Approved

Marin County Supervisors yes­ terday approved hiring college students to serve as guides at the Civic Center for a 90-day try­ out period starting April 1. Chairman Peter H. Behr noted that there were 85,000 visitors to the civic center last year and more are expected this year. Under the pilot program, the guides will work weekends, holi­ days and special occasions. Supervisors agreed to have the Marin Visitors Bureau serve as consultant in the program, and to allow the bureau to provide supervision under board ap­ proval. The county will recruit and employ the guides.

Police Academy Fund Received The San Rafael Police Depart­ ment has received a check for $1,385.50 from the State Mini mum Requirement, Standards Commission covering half the salary of officers while train­ ing at the police academy last year. The money comes from court fines. Police Chief Charles J. Chiesa said two officers took training at Diablo Valley College in Con­ cord and two took training at the San F r a n c i s c o Police Academy.

Construction Set For Restaurant On Main Street

Construction of a restaurant- shop building at 1 Main Street in Tiburon will begin this week, developer Fred G. Zelinsky re­ ported today. Contract for construction of the building foundation at the end of Tiburon Boulevard and a dock for ferries has been let to Peter Kiewit Co., Richmond, for about $80,000, Zelinsky said. First phase of the work will include repairing the bulkhead, which has given way, causing a sidewalk cave-in on Main Street.

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CARDS A R I OUR BUSINESS - Lee's 266 Northgate Shopping Center

San Rafael Schools To Be Closed Monday.

San Rafael City Schools will be closed Monday while teach­ ers visit other schools in the North Bay Area to study methods and techniques of other teachers. Forty-eight teachers will visit classes in Dixie School District, 10 will go to Santa Rosa School District, 36 will go to Reed School District and 40 will attend an aerospace program at Hamil­ ton Air Force Base.

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Grammar Program May Be Revived

By JEANNE De WILDE Redwood High School stodent

Whatever happened to gram­ mar? “I’ve never had any gram­ mar in high school. Don’t they teach it at Redwood?’’ asked a student. “Maybe this means it isn’t Important,” said another. The value of traditional gram­ mar is being studied by Tamal- pais High School District Eng­ lish teachers. By 1967 they hope to have developed a grammar program to be coordinated with the literature program now be­ ing used. Many Redwood English teach­ ers emphasize literature because of lack of a well developed grammar program with ade­ quate textbooks. Others feel the traditional grammar is not ef­ fective because there is no car­ ry-over between grammar tests and exercises in composition. But can a student express himself accurately w i t h o u t grammar? “I try to force my students to use what they already know,” said English teacher Patricia Spicer. “If students could learn the basics in grammar school, then

their writing experience in high school would be more meaning­ ful,” said teacher Barbara Vick­ ers. “Everybody is not going to use correct grammar because they might have heard it wrong all their lives,” added Mrs. Vick­ ers. The study of language “is just beginning to be explored,” ac­ cording to Albert Lavin, Tam District English supervisor. Already experimenting w i t h new methods of teaching gram­ mar have been Elaine Young and Louise Velte, senior English teachers. The English teachers’ com­ mon complaint is they have to review the same grammar year after year due to the variety of student experiences.

Failing Heart

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - Heart failure is essentially a loss of the heart’s ability to keep up with its job of pump­ ing blood through the body, ac­ cording to the California Medi­ cal Association.

jh tb rp rn ftrn i-jltm rtial, W e d ., M arch 10, 1965 IS town property pose storm ha* Kettenhofen Will Report An ordinance will be intro duced dealing with parking on Proposed Highway 17 Route

Proposed routing of Highway j from Mayor Frederick S. Allen St. Anselm’s Church for a park- 17 to west Marin will be one of i on the status of a proposed sur- ing lot at Bolinas Avenue and the chief topics tomorrow night: vey to whether trees on | Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, when County Supervisor Ernest N. Kettenhofen appears before the Ross Town Council. The council meets at 8 p.m. at the town hall. Kettenhofen also is expected to discuss flood control and oth­ er county problems with a direct bearing on Ross residents. Also on the agenda is a report



O PEN 7 A.M .-1 1 P.M . M O N .-SA T. SU N . t A .M .-11 P.M . Restaurant

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Lone car passes over brand new curved street extending from Third Street past Montecito Shopping Cen­ ter to Grand Avenue. The street, just completed for the City of San Rafael by contractors Maggiora, Ghi- lotti and Madsen of Corte Madera new has little use; but it will provide a main link when it is tied to the Grand Avenue Bridge—a State Di­

vision of Highways project—where Marin Municipal Water District shed is visible in background of t hi s photo. Bridge will give bypass entry into San Rafael to ease Third and Irwin streets congestion. Ghilotti Brothers of San Rafael, contractors on the state project, expect to start work on the bridge link within two weeks. (Independent-Joumal photo)

College Nursing

Program Approved

California's board of nursing education and nurse registration has approved the College of Ma­ rin’s proposed registered nurse training program, coordinator Shirley Conklin at the college announced today. Approval allows the college to set up a curriculum using both Marin and Ross general hos- jitals for clinical training. The !irst class of 30 students will start in September. Applications will be accepted until April 30.

Gnoss Loses Out On $200 For Principle

It was a matter of principle yesterday that kept County Clerk George H. Gnoss from getting an additional $200 a year for his duties as jury commissioner for municipal court. Three supervisors favored the proposal. Four votes were need­ ed for the expenditure of funds. Supervisors Byron W. Leydecker and Peter H. Behr refused to vote for approval.

“It’s nothing personal,” Ley­ decker said. “It’s a matter of principle and we’re treading on a v e r y sensitive area of the equity of elected officials’ salaries.”

The m a t t e r was continued untii next week when the super­ visors requested other elected officials, the sheriff, auditor- controller and treasurer-tax col­

lector, to discuss the request for additional pay. State law provides that the supervisors compensate the jury commissioner. In D e c e m b e r Gnoss suggested he receive $300 for his municipal court work. According to the statute, how­ ever, the supervisors may ap­ prove compensation of as little as $1. Supervisor Leydecker’s motion to allow $1 a year for the duties died for lack of a second.

Railroads make more profit hauling coal than any other commodity.

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14 JttbfprnbwMflumal, Wed., March 10, 1965 Citizens Object To Change

Of Zoning In Mill Valley

Ten persons objected last night to a proposal before the Mill Valley Planning Commis­ sion that an area bounded by Ethel Court and Avenue, Wildo- mar Street. Edge wood a n d Marion avenues now zoned for 20.000 square feet per lot, single family be rezoned to 10.000 square feet per lot. The matter was continued to April 13 to permit planning di­ rector Harvey E. Bragdon to make a land use survey. Bragdon said residents felt the change would downgrade the neighborhood. He s a i d the c h a n g e appeared warranted Since 68 out of the 81 lots are

now under 20.000«square feet. The Mill Valley Planning Commission also: 1. Declared a building at 170 East Blithdale Avenue is inap­ propriate for a proposed nursing home to house 18 persons. 2. Recommended city council adoption of the Old Mill Park development plan. 3. Recommended that the 11 and one-fourth acre Cochran- Hernandez annexation in area of Edgewood and Cypress ave­ nues, now unclassified, be re­ zoned planned single family residential, and the unzoned Redwood C a m p annexation, about an acre in the same vicin­

ity, be zoned 10,000-square foot single family lots. 4. Recommended ordinance change to keep a 35-foot front­ age on a street. 5. Set for April 13 hearing to amend the zoning ordinance, which now requires a corner lot to provide 15-foot setbacks on two sides, to permit one 15-foot and one 10-foot setback.

Drake High Girl W ins Lions Speech Contest Sir Francis Drake High School student Susan Scoff yesterday was named winner in the Zone 2 run-off of the Lions Club public speaking contest. Miss Scoff, of 76 Ross Avenue, San Anselmo. represented the San Anselmo Club in the contest. Second place went to Claire Badaracco of Larkspur and third to Robbi Chamberland of Fairfax.


Ladybird Johnson is not coming to Novato for its clean­ up campaign. City Mgr. J. Julien Baget, in making plans for a clean­ up campaign in May, had in­ cited the first lady to visit Novato during the campaign. Amid laughter of the City Council, Baget last night read a letter from the White House in which Mrs. Johnson’s social secretary, Bess Abell, de­ clined the invitation.

Total U.S. milk production for 1964 was 126,598 million pounds, as compared to 125,009 million pounds for 1963.

Novato Council Approves

Baget's Clean-Up Proposal

Novato will have a city-wide, city-sponsored clean-up c a m ­ paign in May, complete with a “Clean-up Queen,” the Novato City Council decided last night. City Mgr. J. Julien Baget out­ lined a month-long campaign, enlisting the aid of the other municipal agencies, merchants and clubs in the city. He proposed that teen-agers hold a dance which would be presided over by a Miss Com-

Letters Purloined Several wooden letters, eight inches tall, were stolen from the rear of Handley’s of California Shoe Store at 32 Miller Avenue, owner Max G. Handley told Mill Valley police yesterday.

munity Clean-up Campaign.” The council went along with his proposal but cut the cam­ paign to two weeks. It named Councilman Lucile Cannon as chairman and William J a c k Adams as a member of a coun­ cil committee to assist Baget with his plans.

Burlingame was named by William C. Ralston, early San Francisco financier, for his friend, Anson Burlingame, U.S. minister to China (1861-1867).

Zoning Aide Is Formally Appointed

Thomas E. Cordill, former act­ ing assistant planning director of the City of Santa Rosa, was ap­ pointed Marin County zoning ad­ ministrator yesterday and will conduct his i*r&i session as a hearing officer March 22. Cordill was hired last Decem­ ber and has been working for the county since Jan. 25 prepar­ ing to function as a zoning ad­ ministrator. At the time he was hired,

Planning Director B. D. Dobbi requested that he not be appoints ed zoning administrator until th« planning department was ready to have the zoning administrator start hearings. The zoning administrator will conduct hearings on minor zon­ ing matters, such as variances, now heard by the county plan­ ning commission. The board also appointed Wesley Wilkes of the planning staff as deputy zoning admini­ strator.

Mount Tamalpais State Park is located in Southern Marin, 15 miles from San Rafael, and can be reached via Shoreline High­ way and Panoramic Highway.

Her father’s ’65 Ford rides quieter than her father’s Rolls-Royce

Little Cynthia Price-Smyth goes to riding lessons in one of the world’s fin­ est handcrafted luxury cars . . . Rolls- Royce. Margie Smith travels in style, too. She goes to Brownie meetings in her father’s new ’65 Ford XL . . . and it has an even quieter ride. Tests proved it.* Of course, Ford isn’t a contender in the handcrafted class. But when a popular-priced car rides quieter than a Rolls-Royce—you know it has out­ standing quality, strength, design. Com- pare Ford with everything in its price range. Take a test drive:

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Relax in Ford’s spacious interiors

New swept-back instrument panel adds five inches extra knee room Transmission hump is lower— for extra foot room Heater, wiper m otors not in passenger compartment as in some com peting cars More luggage space than in major com ­ petitors* cars— trunk holds four 2-suitcrs standing upright, with room left over SclectA ire air co n d itio n er (o p tion al), built into instrument panel, doesn’t jut out to take up passenger space

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Safcty-Convenience Control Panel (op­ tional). Locks all doors with flick o f switch.

Lights warn if fuel’s low, door’s ajar and remind you to fasten seat belts. Also: button sets exterior lights flashing for emergency roadside stops Silcnt-Flo ventilation (in 4-door hard- tops) provides fresh air—even with all windows shut O ptional Swing-Awiay steering w heel cases entry, exit Handy reversible keys work with either side up

Visit your Ford Dealer and take a test drive soon!

*Leading acoustical consultants conducted tests in which 1965 Fords (Galaxie 500 Sedan, XL and LTD Hardtops) with 289-cu. in. V-8 engines and automatic transmissions rode quieter than a new Rolls-Royce. These tests were certified by the U.S. Auto Club.

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LEE BBOS. SMHINO SBAVICI MAR4ATS Miller Creek Road and Highway 101 ? 9 Marinwood Plaza, MARINWOOD ^ Tth Street at Grant Avenue Novato Plaza, NOVATO Number I Larkspur Plaza, LARKSPUR



I t jfahfpfttbrnt-limnml, W # d M M arch 10, 1965 Schools Need Money But Where Is It?

Where is the money coming from?” This question by chairman C. Paul Bettini gave fellow mem­ bers of the San Rafael Board of Education pause on three purchase items last night. With an offer of $1,500 as a gift for carpeting from the stu­ dents and Parcnt-Teacher Assn. at Davidson School, the board was faced with a dilemma. The gift is for carpet for the library now under construction at the school. Bids were let for the job with a tile floor. An al­ ternate for carpeting was re­ jected because it would add $3,900 to the cost. To use the gift, the school district would have to put up $2,400 to complete payment for the carpet. Bettini wanted to know where the extra money would come from. Board members were tempt­ ed to put off decision until after April 12, when voters will de­ cide on a 50-cent tax over-ride for the elementary school dis­ trict, but Supt. Bert C. Corona said the decision must be made now so the contractor can make the change. The board then accepted the gift and authorized the change from tile to carpet. Bettini said he would prefer that the money come out of undistributed re­ serve rather than elementary district bond money. Everyone of our projects has gone over the bond budget,” Bettini lamented. The board agreed to ask for bids on four school buses for delivery in September, but let It be known that all or part of the offers might be rejected if the financial picture looks bleak. The buses would replace four now operated under contract by Pachett’s Bus and Transporta­ tion Co. Business